News - Adobe releases version 2.4 of Magento Commerce

July 28th, 2020. Adobe has released version 2.4 of Magento Commerce, a member of our ecommerce platform shortlist. This version includes some additional B2B features.

Purchase approvals are improved, to enable rules to be configured to ensure orders that exceed certain thresholds (based on value, number of units, etc.) for certain grades of employee in the buying organization require approval from a superior. As you would hope and expect, this includes a notification mechanism for both approvers and the employee submitting the request to purchase.

Purchase approvals in Magento Commerce v2.4
Purchase approvals in Magento Commerce v2.4 (Source: Adobe)

Seller-assisted shopping enables a seller to access the B2B ecommerce site as if they were the customer, enabling support and troubleshooting while guiding the customer, for example during a contact center call. This can be used to help complete tasks the buyer is finding difficult, including admin tasks such as setting up buyer users and approval workflows.

New in-store pickup features enable a merchant to configure locations that are valid for store pickup of online orders, and to allow a customer to search for a location during the checkout process. Once an order is ready for collection at a store, the store staff can trigger a notification to the customer.

Media gallery has been rebuilt to provide a more efficient user interface for accessing, managing digital assets, images and videos. This feature now includes better integration with Adobe Stock, the image marketplace. 

Adobe has finally introduced two factor authentication as an option to secure access to the Magento admin screens.

A new reference storefront, called Venia, has been released based on the progressive web app (PWA) model. Adobe also claims better integration with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), its well-regarded content management system.

Magento Commerce v2.4 new Venia reference storefront
Magento Commerce v2.4 new Venia reference storefront  (Source: Adobe)



This article was updated on March 2, 2021

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