News - Kibo Commerce announces Helly Hansen has implemented their personalization technology

October 7th, 2020. Kibo Commerce, a member of our ecommerce platform shortlist, has announced that Norwegian outdoor clothing brand Helly Hansen has implemented Kibo's Monetate and Certona personalization technology. 

Brian Wilson, Chief Operating Officer at Kibo Commerce noted blandly "it’s been so rewarding to work with [Helly Hansen] to deliver more personalized customer experiences that are also driving better performance". Results claimed include 100% increase in revenue per session on PDPs with dynamic testing and 50% more clicks on recommendations slots provided by Monetate and Certona.

Helly Hansen was founded in 1877 in Norway as a producer of oilskin jackets and trousers and today has annual revenue of $491m selling a range of outdoor, skiing and sailing clothing and gear.

Kibo Commerce acquired Certona in February 2019 and Monetate in October 2019.


Given this is the first public new customer win announcement from Kibo since City Furniture in August 2020, it's a shame that this is only for their personalization tools. While Certona and Monetate are solid tools providing good functionality, where are the new wins for Kibo's core ecommerce platform?

This article was updated on March 2, 2021

M Ryan

M Ryan is an ecommerce consultant with twenty years experience working with retailers, consumer brand manufacturers and other consumer-facing businesses helping them to develop their ecommerce strategy, implement ecommerce technology and improve their ecommerce operations. He works extensively throughout US and Europe, with clients including global brands, large retailers and household names in consumer goods.