News - Amazon launches Sweden country site

October 28th, 2020. Amazon has opened its Swedish country store at Sweden joins several other countries to have their own Amazon store, including Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom and Japan. The store features Swedish language product listings and Swedish Kroner (SEK) as the currency. It lists products in many familiar categories including Books (in Swedish and in English), Electronics, Home & Kitchen, Baby, Clothes, Sports, Beauty. Food is not listed as a product category. Free shipping is available on orders above 229 SEK (just under US $26). Amazon customers can login to the new country site using their existing email address and password. 


There has been a series of well-publicized errors in translation in the new website. For example, customers were asked to "Accept The Cakes" due to a mis-translation of "accept cookies". However several other mistakes were somewhat more alarming, involving mis-translations of words with two meanings in English, resulting in unfortunate, and unprintable, results.

This article was updated on March 2, 2021

M Ryan

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