News - Oro announces new B2B customer wins

December 5th, 2020. Oro, Inc, provider of OroCommerce, a member of our ecommerce platform shortlist, has announced that it has signed several new B2B customers including Braskem (Brazilian petrochemical company $13.3bn revenue FY2019), Fairprice (Singapore grocery business $2.7bn revenue FY2019) and Petra Industries (US consumer electronics wholesaler, $200m revenue).

Yoav Kutner, co-founder and former CTO of Magento, is cited in the press release as saying that OroCommerce is "designed from the ground up" for B2B customers. OroCommerce now claims over 100 enterprise customers worldwide.

Oro is based in Los Angeles, CA and has development teams based in Poland and Ukraine. Its ecommerce platform is built in PHP and Elasticsearch and elements of it are open source, with an Oracle Virtual Box virtual machine demo environment available to download. Documentation is freely provided online, for developers as well as end users and administrators.

This article was updated on March 2, 2021

M Ryan

M Ryan is an ecommerce consultant with twenty years experience working with retailers, consumer brand manufacturers and other consumer-facing businesses helping them to develop their ecommerce strategy, implement ecommerce technology and improve their ecommerce operations. He works extensively throughout US and Europe, with clients including global brands, large retailers and household names in consumer goods.