News - VTEX acquires Workarea and WebLinc

February 10th, 2021. VTEX, the São Paulo-based B2C, B2B and marketplace ecommerce platform vendor, has announced the acquisition of Workarea, owners of the Philadelphia, PA-based WebLinc Commerce platform which itself is a B2C ecommerce platform, with emerging B2B capability, with an open source core.

The announcement claims the new acquisition will add $1bn in gross merchandise value (GMV) to the total transacted on VTEX platforms, and sizes their US and Canadian customer base at a combined total value of $5bn GMV.

The acquisition partly answers the question of why VTEX raised $225m in an investment round in September 2020, valuing the business at that time at $1.7bn.

The VTEX US team is led by Amit Shah, US General Manager and Chief Strategy Officer and has recently appointed Jim Curtis as Head of Sales - Americas.

Workarea customers include Reformation, Sleep Number and The Bouqs Co.

VTEX is a member of our ecommerce platform shortlist in the "growing" category and WebLinc is also a member, in the "niche" category.

This article was updated on May 28, 2021

M Ryan

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