News - Investcorp acquires majority share in Unilog

January 17th, 2021. Investcorp has announced it has acquired a majority shareholding in India-based Unilog and injected capital into the B2B ecommerce software business in order to fund its growth. Unilog listed three strategic priorities for the investment:

  • Product innovation
  • Customer service improvement
  • Expansion of market presence, including acquisitions

Unilog CEO, Suchit Bachalli, is quoted as saying "On average, our customers reported 40% growth with our digital commerce platform over the past year". eCommerce is a rapidly growing channel for B2B and the opportunity for Unilog to grow along with its customers is significant.

Unilog is a software as a service ecommerce business and a member of our ecommerce platform shortlist. It has 350 customers primarily in the US and has grown revenues three-fold since FY2018.

Investcorp is a significant investment house, with $32.2bn assets under management (AUM) as of June 30th, 2020.

This article was updated on January 31, 2021

M Ryan

M Ryan is an ecommerce consultant with twenty years experience working with retailers, consumer brand manufacturers and other consumer-facing businesses helping them to develop their ecommerce strategy, implement ecommerce technology and improve their ecommerce operations. He works extensively throughout US and Europe, with clients including global brands, large retailers and household names in consumer goods.