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News - VTEX now powers 39 of Motorola's international websites

December 14, 2020. VTEX announced today that it is now powering 39 international websites for Motorola, the telecoms business based in Schaumburg in Chicago, IL.

In June 2019 VTEX announced it had been selected by Motorola to "strengthen its relationship with consumers" by building an improved online experience using the VTEX ecommerce platform, with quotes provided by François Laflamme, CMO of Motorola and Alex Soncini, co-founder of VTEX.

Now in December 2020, VTEX has announced that 39 country websites were launched as part of this initiative. Sudhir Chadaga, Chief Strategy Officer at Motorola, commented that Motorola "can optimize our website experience to meet consumer needs".

VTEX is a member of our ecommerce platform shortlist, and a provider of B2C, B2B and marketplace software.

In an unrelated news announcement, Postman claims that VTEX uses its API testing and documentation platform and that the VTEX solution has a development team of 150 (out of 600 in the business as a whole) and is made up of a collection of microservices and based on C#, Javascript and Go. Ygor Santos, Engineering Manager at VTEX, is quoted as saying his "whole organization uses Postman every day". 


This article was updated on March 2, 2021

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